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Let's not mince words, we yearn to leave a legacy of great stories. We're a group of painfully ambitious directors, producers, writers, editors, production managers, cinematographers, actors, musicians, composers, coordinators and assistants who believe that something revealing, interesting and magical is always right around the corner. It keeps up at night. We're bursting at the seams, itching to make spectacular productions, to tell rich and fun stories and to teach the craft to next batch. You might say we're a cult. A cult who is dogmatic about telling fascinating stories in exceptional ways. 

Our passion is to open minds, but also to make people laugh, dance and cry. We also have a dark side that seeks to thrill and haunt people with provocative ideas, images, and soundscapes.

While we are big picture oriented, we also love the details. You'll find many of us toiling over little but significant things day and night. We see such attention to detail as a key difference between making something good and making something historic.

We have no delusions of grandeur, but we believe that a passionate and focused group of people tell the best stories.




Address: 1107-950 Cambie, Vancouver BC Phone: +1778.686.5639 Email: info@CountingAnts.com 

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